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We’re on the path to completeness.  Together as one.  A Community building towards Oneness.


Trying to do the most good.  Real and permanent Good.  Love, and forgiveness, gratitude and hope.

Our prayers, worship, and posited rituals are about identifying and resonating with the best, the perfection of all that is good, Govinda, God, the Perfection of all that we want to be, and Beyond all the best of Humanity. Man-fully-alive. Prayer is like a daily mirror – just do it, spend time before your prayer as you might in a mirror – reflect the best, see the best in yourself and others; and for others in need, shower them with your vision of Good-Outcomes.

You are seeking God, within, “Listen to the moaning of the dog for its master – that whining is the connection”.

Entrust it to God.


The more we can live in the present the more heaven is present

This is a place where you can offer and ask for help seeking the God-of-your-understanding, the strength-within, talk about worship, oneness, being; hope. Prayer requests will be copied @prayerworking and on Facebook’s Prayer Works site. Be kind.